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PUBG Mobile is a mobile game version of a famous Battle Royale-style shooter game. 100 players are pitted against each other, armed with realistic weapons. This is a last-man-standing fight for survival.

Full-Blown PUBG Experience

The premise hasn't changed – you jump out of an aircraft and dive to the ground. Your job is to find a gun before getting slaughtered by other survivalists. PUBG Mobile isn't a simplified port of a famous title. The game offers the entire experience with all its bells and whistles. For that alone, we can salute the developers.

On the screen, there is one button that controls your character, while a bullet icon makes you fire a weapon. Place your finger on the icon to look around, but be careful, or you can accidentally blow your cover and alert other players.


What makes PUBG Mobile so good is its performance. The particle effects and the lighting alone can sell the game. The terrain, weapons, and characters look more than decent with their lower-resolution textures. However, there are some occasional frame rate drops when parachuting on the island. It gets better when the game stops rendering the whole map.

The audio, on the other hand, isn't as good. It's important to listen to sounds to learn an enemy location. However, footsteps are always loud, regardless of where the player is. You can't really use the sound to locate other players, which is unfortunate.


PUBG Mobile has amazing replayability. Some people play this game for years, even though there is only one map. If you've enjoyed PUBG on the PC, you will be hooked on the game on your phone as well. The fact that all 100 people are going after the same goal is a great base for exciting gameplay.


20 million active users play PUBG Mobile every day. It holds №1 spot on iTunes for strategy games and sits at the top on Google Play. The mobile version of the game is surprisingly good. It's a full-featured port with clever adjustments, and it runs well on older phones. Besides some minor issues, PUBG Mobile takes the tried and tested formula and moves it to phones.


  • Action-packed PVP-game
  • 64 square kilometers to explore
  • Tons of weapons
  • Fight alone or team up


  • Hard to learn controls
  • A bit unstable frame rate

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 8

Security 8

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