Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a first-person horror game, in which you, as a little boy, should save someone locked in your neighbor's basement. You will have to solve puzzles and avoid detection from the neighbor.

The Challenge

If you want a stealth challenge, then look no further than Hello Neighbor. The AI is something to be taken seriously, even when the Friendly mode is on. The neighbor will constantly be searching for you. The AI can learn from your mistakes and set traps in places that you frequently visit.

Some players can't play the game in the Normal mode because they can't finish levels. You need to be a skilled player to beat the game. If the neighbor spots you, he will try his best to get you. The game doesn't hold your hand, and some puzzles are really challenging.

Graphics and Atmosphere

There is so much detail to the neighbor's house, it's amazing. Hello Neighbor isn't revolutionary in terms of graphics, but the developer did a good job with the game. Still, there are some annoying glitches. For example, you can throw a rock into the window, and it will just go through it. The window will stay intact.

There are not many sound effects in the game. You can hear the TV and some other noises. It should make things more realistic, but we'd love some music during the most intense moments.


The game is divided into three acts and runs up to 10 hours in length. However, it lacks direction. Much of the time, you will spend figuring out what to do and where to go while interrupted by the neighbor, who sends you back to where you started. The computer-controlled character learns your patterns quickly, which is a neat trick. However, after some time, his presence can elicit annoyance and not fear.


Hello Neighbor isn't a bad game. It has some flaws, but the unique AI it presents is worth it. The game doesn't hold your hand, and each level is really difficult. Still, the game just drops you into the world and doesn't explain anything. Because of this, some people can get stuck, while others finish levels through determination. Nonetheless, with a little luck and tremendous patience, you can beat the game.


  • Constantly evolving AI
  • Levels can be completed differently
  • Each act is unique


  • The neighbor freezes sometimes
  • Puzzles can be frustrating

Design and Usability 6

Key Functions 8

Security 8

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