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Fortnite Review

Fortnite is a popular last-man-standing game that's centered around short and action-packed play rounds. Developed by Epic Games, it takes the Battle Royale format to a completely new level.

The Best Battle Royale

Fortnite is a Battle Royale that many of us know and adore. After a short waiting period, you are loaded onto a flying vehicle with a glider and a pickaxe, along with 99 survivalists. Then you're dropped onto a map, where you should find tools, powerups, and weapons and be the last player surviving. All while a storm closes in, shrinking the island.

You don't have to play a free-for-all mode. You can team up in duos or squads, play 50 versus 50 battles or just fool around. Epic Games keeps Fortnite fresh with regular updates and game modes that change game mechanics for a limited time.

Graphics and Cross-Platform Synchronization

To make Fortnite enjoyable on all phones, some trade-offs had to be made. Don't expect to see ultra-high details or super responsive controls. That being said, the game is still beautiful. In fact, smaller phone screens make the game look prettier.

If you have been playing Fortnite on PC or a video game console, your character, items, and progress will carry over. However, any changes made to your character on your phone won't sync with other platforms. Still, you can compete with those on consoles and computers.


Fortnite is quicker and more wackier than other Battle Royales. Its environment and player avatars are full of color, and it's easy to see how the game won millions with its charm. Many smartphones now support big games like Fortnite, but the game is a drain on the battery. Your mileage will vary, but you should be able to spend a few hours of gaming. This is the only limitation, as Fortnite is an endless game with unlimited replayability.


Epic Games is an American video game and software developer. Following the release of Fortnite in 2017, they could launch the Epic Games Store. Today, Fortnite, with its accessible and fast-paced gameplay, is the most popular game in the world. It's really fun and designed to encourage players to keep sessions short. It's easy to jump in battles, which is perfect for mobile users.


  • Supports full-cross play progression
  • Controls are simple and intuitive
  • It's free to play
  • Exploring the map is fun


  • Good internet connection is required
  • Won't work on low-end smartphones

Design and Usability 5

Key Functions 3

Security 8

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