Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction
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Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a Battle Royale shooter with last-man-standing matches developed by NetEase and Titan Studios. Players drop into a huge island to find weapons and items and defeat 99 other players.

Pays Homage to Fortnite

Creative Destruction follows the Fortnite formula. It has a large staging area for players to survive. There is a mad dash to dive out of a flying vehicle. There are airdrops filled with helpful goodies. There are other players who want to kill you. Besides, it hits the main bullet points of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds formula. Players can find clothing and accessories to add to their personal collections.

The connection is stable, but you will often play against AI-controlled bots. These bots are easier to defeat than real players. Still, Creative Destruction offers enough fun activities to keep mobile users entertained for hours.


There are two virtual joysticks that help you control your character – the right one changes the view, and the left one moves you around. You can also change your view to First Person. If you've played other sandbox games, you'll be familiar with the controls.

Your goal is to stay alive in a map filled with other players, armed with whatever they could find. The map closes in, so hiding and hoping for the best won't work. Chests with weapons and other helpful items appear throughout the map. When the level is over, you're placed on a pedestal and given an award depending on your skill.


There is a good choice of weapons to pick up in the chests. You will never run out of ammo, every new chest gives something exciting. The map is huge, especially for a mobile game. It's divided into separate areas to run around and find foes. It's impressive how developers managed to fit such an immersive experience on a small screen. This is a sandbox survival game that has a lot of cool things for you to discover.


NetEase launched their Western Headquarters in 2014, bringing one of the biggest Chinese tech companies to America. They partnered up with Titan Studios, an American video game developer, to work on Creative Destruction. The game cycles between periods of silence followed by frantic actions. You can use gold to re-skin your weapons and buy new outfits. Still, players are never pressured to buy anything to win.


  • Competitive, but not violent
  • 13 different lands to explore
  • Every item is destructible
  • Interesting bastion-building system


  • The safe zone is tiny
  • Character animations are clunky

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 9

Security 9

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