New Guest Mode in Google Assistant

Google is going to launch several new features, including a Safety Center that will be available for the US residents currently but later will spread globally. Currently, the company dies its latest tests to see how reliable the new system is. Additionally, the company will offer more prominent alerts in case of the risks of the account breach. 

However, those are not the most interesting features of this new offer from Google. Google Assistant is definitely on the top of it all. It will be available for all Google-based and branded devices. This new system will allow you to launch an incognito mode when you are not registered (guest mode). To launch it in your browser, you will need to say just "Google, turn on guest mode". 

This feature allows you to hold your privacy and prevents the browser from tracking your activities as well as give you personalized responses. This function will work until you switch it off. 

If you use Google Assistant by default, all your activities are saved by the system. There is a tip here that you can delete it on your own, or the system will delete it automatically after several months. You also have an option to cancel saving audio recordings. As for the data deleting features, according to the latest Google announcements, you will be able to edit location history data using the Google Maps timeline.

Another great feature will allow you to get your Google security options by a simple query like "Is my Google Account secure?". Currently, you can be confused, trying to find Google security settings. By using this feature, you will be able to do it much faster. All those new functions will be available soon.

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