The Best Looking Games for iPhone: from RPG to Shmup

It’s hard to make a game for mobile devices that doesn’t look like a pale shadow of what consoles can deliver. Nevertheless, there are titles that demonstrate the potential of the latest iOS devices. Here is the list of the best looking iPhone games of various genres and manners, demonstrating the potential of today’s mobile graphics.


It might seem strange to start with a game that is mostly played on consoles and PC. But as you run it on your iPhone, you’ll suddenly see it looking way better. All the roughness that is often seen on PS4 or PC vanishes on the smaller screen. If you connect a gamepad, the fast-paced gameplay delivers almost the same feel.

Asphalt 9: Legends

It’s one of the most polished mobile racing games, shining and gleaming. As you play it on your iPhone (Plus or Max versions recommended, of course), you stop noticing the size and start enjoying the race, legal or illegal. A gamepad is also recommended, though not as necessary as with Fortnite: with fingers off the screen, you’ll have all of it to enjoy.

asphalt 9 legends features

Call of Duty: Mobile

Definitely #1 action game of 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile intendedly repeats the best of its console and desktop elements. Incredibly detailed weapons, armor and uniforms, familiar maps, and easy controls make this team-based shooter the game mobile devices have been waiting for. Its success puts it among the best games for iOS, in terms of both visuals and gameplay.

call of duty mobile screenshot

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

It’s Elder Scrolls, enough said. The game combines dungeon exploration and city building; both are looking fantastic. It’s arguably the best American-style mobile RPG, with 3D view, detailed visuals, great combat mechanics, terrifying monsters and mystic ruins. It would have been the best game for iPhone, should it be anything but FTP; subscription or single purchase would make the PvP more balanced. But as for looks, they still impress. 

elder scrolls: blades screenshot

Black Desert Mobile

When it comes to Asian-style mobile RPGs, Black Desert Mobile is among the first to mention. Its visuals, though, remind me of serious projects made for “big” platforms:  it’s a decent 3D world from a third-person perspective, with swift swords and spectacular spells. The story may lack good writing, but when it comes to visuals, it’s quite okay. Just don’t compare it to Black Desert Online for bigger devices—at least, for now.

black desert mobile screenshot

Sky Force Reloaded

Hardly will you play a vertical scrolling shmup on a console or a PC in 2020. On mobile devices, on the contrary, this genre of the 1980s still flourishes, but there is no solid rival to Sky Force series. In Sky Force Reloaded, you control a fighter flying over futuristic terrain, destroying enemies and saving civilians. The principle is the same as 30 years ago; but it still can produce one of the best looking free iPhone games of the decade.

sky force reloaded screenshots

Your Favorites!

Of course, more and more polished and impressive games appear every week. Maybe there are some stunning games we just have missed; especially it may concern games developed in East Asia, which are often made just for local audiences. If you have something to recommend, drop some names in comments. We are already longing to check those.

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