Password Protecting Apps for iPad

While your iPhone may be the center of your personal digital life, your iPad may be the same sort of hub for business. No wonder most iPad users choose the tablet for business and office applications using sensitive data. Thus, protection for iPad becomes even more crucial than ever. In addition, only the latest iPads have the sort of camera that enables Face ID.

Of course, Apple didn’t remove password protection from iPad in general. But it would never be too much to additionally protect the most sensitive apps you don’t want anyone seeing. So here are the apps that make your Apple tablet your digital fortress.


It’s considered the best way to protect privacy with sophisticated passwords. But if Apple already offers fingerprint protection (in most iPads), why not use it? BioProtect, as the name suggests, lets you protect separate apps that now require your Touch ID to run. It also lets you use passwords or PIN codes. Those with LTE versions will also appreciate that the app protects SIM features.

One of the best things about BioProtect is that it makes an iPad more secure after the jailbreak (if you’re still with it). It’s available on Cydia repository. If you use iOS 11 or later, you’ll need its updated version named BioProtectX.

bioprotect security app interface

Locker: Hide Photos, Hide Apps

The app named Locker, available on both iPhone and iPad, creates its own protected you know what? – a locker. It only takes this app to protect any other app or file, like certain photos and videos from the gallery, notes made in the default app, downloaded files from iCloud, and so on.

Basically, this app is free, but in its free version, the number of apps and files you can conceal is limited. Instead, you can opt for a subscription or one-time purchase that only costs $9.99. Of course, it’s quite a small price, given how precious your privacy can be. Still, there are other methods.

locker security app interface

Screen Time Method

The array of apps made for protecting certain apps with passwords were developed back in the old times when jailbreak was a thing. Now, though, it becomes harder and, at the same time, less necessary. Without password protection apps iPad is still capable of protecting your privacy – with some limitations, though.

Still, there is a free method to protect certain apps that you can apply on your iPad without installing third-party apps. It’s based on the Screen Time feature recently introduced.

To start protection, do the following:

  1. Run Settings app
  2. Find “Screen Time” section and go there
  3. Tap “This is my iPad” when prompted
  4. Select “App Limits”
  5. Tap “Add Limit” and select the app you want to lock
  6. Set the minimum time the app can run for 

The inconvenience of this method is that you have to use the selected app yourself for a minute before it gets really protected. On the other hand, these apps are used by you anyway. And paying one minute to protect it – sometimes it’s no price at all.

Is There a Better App for That?

Well, maybe you want to mention an app we have missed. Okay; if it’s better than we supposed, why not. Maybe it’s an I-forgot-iPad-password tragicomedy you want to tell; maybe you will argue that jailbreak is still a good idea in 2020; why not? Maybe you just know more about this sort of apps and want to share your knowledge. If so, we’d like to read a comment from you.

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