Why Do We Think Xbox Series X Roster Is Better Than PS 5 Prelaunch List 

On the eve of the launch of both consoles, we have decided to compare the pre-launch lists of games of Xbox and PS5. After a brief review, you can understand that Xbox looks much better as it has a larger roster of 120 FPS games to offer. 

Xbox Series X list of games includes 15 items. This is much larger than the PS5 pre-launch roster, which includes five games only. Now we are going to give a brief description of the most anticipated ones.

Dirt 5

Dirt is a series of rally games where you have a unique opportunity to drive along the natural tracks to win the season. You will have all available rally cars at your disposal. You can choose between various modes, including a career. You will have to win the races in order to get various rewards and the sponsor's attention. The best part of it is that you can compete with your friends on the same device. It is included in the list of games on PS5 and Xbox.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

This is the upcoming first-person shooter, which belongs to a series of Call of Duty games. You will be able to dive into the early 1980s to participate in various fictional conflicts. The game includes campaign and multiplayer modes with 6v6 and 12v12 battles. There is also a zombie mode where you have to fight the living dead.

Rainbow Six Siege

This game was launched already a couple of years ago. This is a raucous shooter where you need to choose between the good and the bad. You will be able to participate in various tactical battles as a representative of a special tactical squad or a terrorist.

The game offers a totally destructible environment where you have to protect the goals or do your best to reach them and to destroy. You will have to create your own team adding the most experienced tactical officers there. The game offers various strategies that you can apply in order to win.

Gears Tactics

This game will be available for Xbox, but to the disappointment of all PS5 players, it will not be included in the roster of pre-launch games of the console. This Xcom, like tactical strategy, will transfer you to the world of Gears. The events of Gears Tactics take place 12 years prior to Gears of War. The horde of locusts destroys everything on its way, the government is in panic. The destiny of humankind depends on a small group of soldiers. Your main task is to find the boss and to kill him. You will have to use your smarts to annihilate all enemies you will meet during various battles in this tactical strategy.

You will have to save and train your soldiers to make them fight again against the merciless foe. The game offers various items and pieces of equipment that will help you to achieve the main goal. Beware, gigantic bosses will appear in some battles and will change the tactical picture of the battleground.

Even More of Them

Apart from those games that will be available for both consoles (and Gears Tactics that is currently exclusive for Xbox Series X), the Xbox pre-launch roster will also include Gears 5, The Falconeer, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and other interesting games. 

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