Top Video Games Deserving Netflix Adaptations

Netflix has already issued several series based on video games. They include Resident Evil, Castlevania, and a couple of others. However, we think that video game Netflix adaptations could also comprise some interesting scenarios based on famous actions and strategies. We have prepared a list of interesting games that may become a true source of ideas for series creators.


The universe of the game offers enough content for video game movie adaptations. However, this world of long-dead and other mysterious creatures may not be interesting to TV series watchers. If Netflix pays attention to this game, this could be a bunch of unrelated stories narrating about various characters.


This is another series of games that could attract Netflix's attention. Overwatch was created by Blizzard. This shooter has plenty of lore. However, this game has a very big universe that is hard to be covered by a TV series. There are plenty of relationships that the filmmakers have to consider to succeed in their attempts to make it a great movie. 

Kentucky Route Zero

If we think about film adaptations of video games, this one should be on the list. The game is weird and becomes even weirder when we dice into the scenario. There are various locations there, and the series fans would be pleased to watch all those journeys with strange characters. This game is a great candidate to become a basis for a movie.

Xcom Series

Later Xcom games are full of interesting ideas for a TV series. This game is about the alien invasion. You are to control an under terrain base where your colleagues are doing various researches and preparing the most up-to-date weapons. Xcom is a tactical strategy with a very interesting plot full of unpredictable accidents and events. 

Do you remember that captivating Falling Skies series? We think Xcom film adaptation would be a great idea for many reasons. The game is very interesting and has its beginning and its end. The aliens invade the Earth at the end of the first part, but you are to create a resistance to wipe them out. It would be great to watch something of a kind on TV.

Assassin's Creed

This is one of the most interesting and mysterious games. By the way, filmmakers have already paid enough attention to it by creating a movie. Now it is time to make a TV series based on various stories of the protagonists that we meet in each part of this gaming masterpiece.

We will not see all the protagonists in the same season. However, Netflix could divide seasons by one protagonist's story that would be really great. One season will tell us about Altair. Another will cover Ezio's life and so on. 

Are there other candidates?

There are also plenty of games that are great candidates for film adaptations. Now it is your turn to turn on your imagination and to think about what game you could include in this list to be cinematized by Netflix.

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