Privacy Features that All iOS Users Should Know

Apple has provided users with enough security levels in all its iOS platforms. However, if we take the new features of iOS 14, there are even more interesting things to consider. We are going to provide you with some important functions that you can benefit from while using this system.

Tracking Permissions

Almost all app developers add tracking functionality to their applications allowing them to show you ads. Since the launch of the 14th iOS version, you can not only control which piece of software can track you. You also have this great opportunity to learn in advance if an application wants to track you. This doesn't mean that the application will ask you permission to track you (to show targeted ads, for example). However, with this iOS privacy feature, you will be able to decide on whether to use the application or not.

Prohibiting Location Sharing

It is not a secret that some apps need your current location to work correctly. For example, if you use some navigation pieces of software, this application must know exactly where you are. However, in some cases, the developers don't need to know more about your position. With the 14th version of iOS, you can manually allow the location sharing for each application individually.

Local Network Access

Some applications request access to your local network, especially after some updates. They may need to communicate with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. New iOS features will allow you to deny such access if you don't want this to happen. 

Detecting Microphone or Camera Access

Some pieces of software get access to your in-built smartphone devices like a camera or microphone. Sometimes they don't even need it, and you can use a reliable tool to prevent this from happening. In the previous versions of iOS, you had no choice but to allow the app to use any of those devices without even notifying you. However, things have changed, and currently, you have this opportunity to learn what application uses the microphone or camera of your smartphone.

How to know when those tools are requested by the app? You will see a green dot at the top of the screen. It tells you that the camera is activated. You can't disallow the application to use both tools, but it is up to you to delete this piece of software if you think that it doesn't need your camera or microphone.

Photo Library Protection

Some applications are using your image gallery. This request may come from a photo editing app, for example. However, if you have some photos that you don't want to share with the others or you doubt the quality and the privacy level of the app, you will definitely want to prevent it from getting access to your photo library.

By the way, you can grant access to certain photos and prevent the app to "watch" others that you think are private or sensitive. This option is provided to you by the 14th version of iOS. 

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