There are several ways in which we can crush cannabis buds for consumption. And the best thing: some of them are very effective and easy to walk around. Pay attention at best bud trimmer if you want to prepare the herb without losing the power that cannabinoids have. In our catalogue you can get some of these essential tools.
You already have the bud in your hand and you’re dying to make a splash with it. Now, you have to decide how you’re going to chop it up to meet your goal. Of course, there are the wonderful ‘grinders’ to crush them easily. But there are also more homemade ways to get marijuana ready to use, with walking utensils.
One of the options includes a coin. Yes, we imagine the look on your face when you read it, but it’s not a joke: it can be an excellent tool that will help you get, for example, the best ‘kief’: a concentrate with high levels of THC. In addition to the grinder, we show you some simple methods to grind your cannabis that will help you when you don’t have it handy.

The famous ‘grinder’: how it works

The ‘grinder’ is a device of two or more pieces that allows to crush the buds of the marijuana without breaking the trichomes, maintaining all its effect. Simply place the buds on one of the bases, close it with its counterpart, and turn both in the opposite direction to grind the cannabis. There are several types: two- or four-piece, stone, wooden, electric… In the Marijuana Seeds catalogue there are many to choose from. We recommend this four-part, pollinator.

A coin as a hammer

Whether in a grinder or any other container, you can use a coin to crush marijuana, which, in addition to being safer than a razor blade, will make it possible to release more trichomes. You may be asking yourself if you should use a special type of coin; the answer is no, but the size should be similar to that of a grinder, if you use one.
In that case, drop the coin in the middle layer, that is, where the grass goes. Then close the grinder and leave it in the fridge for the necessary time to cool down sufficiently, i.e. about 20-30 minutes. When that period has elapsed, remove it and shake it, so that the coin acts as a hammer and removes the ‘kief’ retained in the cubicles.
If you don’t use a grinder, take a container, put the plant inside, close the lid and shake it. You will see how the coin will be able to break the densest or wettest buds. Always keep in mind that it should be a hard container, not a plastic bag, for example, because it could break in the attempt and the marijuana would end up coming out.

The old-fashioned way: with your hands

Cheaper method, impossible. Use one of your palms as a bowl and press with the fingers of the other one the bud to crumble it. We recommend that you wash them first and rub the cannabis with non-stick parchment paper, because with this handmade procedure the resin can get stuck to your skin and this means leaving trichomes with high THC concentrations in the way. When you are done, scrape the resin with a credit card or key, for example, to add it to the joint more easily.

With a pollen shaker

Place the plant in the container and close it, then let it cool down for 45 minutes in the freezer. When you remove it, shake it vigorously for about ten minutes and… ta-da! You have another mixture that preserves the trichomes. This method requires more time and more strength, but it is also a viable option. In the Marijuana Seeds catalogue we have good shakers. We recommend the Pollen Maker, with a capacity for 10 or 15 grams of dry plant.

To grind it like coffee

The most adept of cannabis will prefer this method over any other, because it is the one that allows large quantities to be shredded. The drawback is that the aroma could contaminate the marijuana: try to clean the tool well before and after use to avoid this as much as possible. Also, if the resin gets caught in the nooks and crannies of the grinder, don’t be afraid to use a credit card or key to retrieve it.

The perfect tandem: cutting board and knife

If you dream of well-shredded marijuana, this can be a good system too. It’s as simple as you imagine: place the buds on top of the board and cut them carefully with the knife. However, do not use boards that you have previously used for onions or garlic, because, as would be the case with the coffee grinder, its smell will have been impregnated and can therefore be passed on to the marijuana. And we don’t want that, do we?

Grating cannabis like cheese

With ingenuity and skill, there are no excuses. Use a grater to crush your buds on a clean surface. Don’t forget the cleanliness, which is vital if you don’t want to lament any strange fragrances in the marijuana later on. For those who love cooking and cannabis it is the perfect combination.

Let’s pound our favorite plant… with a mortar!

Feel free to crush the buds until they are just right to smoke. We tell you the usual: wash the mortar well before and after to impregnate the marijuana as little as possible with other unwanted odors and so that the cannabis does not mix with what you are going to crush later.

A little ‘Art Attack’: scissors and… a shot glass!

Put the bud in a glass of this type and cut it from there with the scissors so that it falls into it. It’s a great way to avoid what happens when you do it with your hands, because the resin doesn’t stick. If you don’t have this type of container, use any other glass, but then it will be important to tilt it so you can cut the buds better, as they are piled up. The shotgun is ideal, because, being tall, the cannabis doesn’t fall, and being small, the plant can be crushed effectively.
You’ve seen, it’s all about finding workable alternatives. Choose the method that suits you best, depending also on what result you want to achieve. Go ahead!